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October 22nd & 23rd

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The Tax Industry Is Changing


The Old Way of Doing Business Just Doesn't Work Anymore.

Tax preparation and accounting have always been competitive businesses. There’s no shortage of CPAs, EAs, storefront preparers, and bookkeepers looking to steal your clients. These days, do-it-yourself software is taking even more of them out of the market entirely. Let’s face it . . . recording history has become a commodity. How can you grow a business if you’re selling a “me-too” service that forces you to compete on price, shrink your profits, and leave picky clients with too many other places to turn if they
become dissatisfied?

But now that trend is accelerating even faster. It used to be that advancing technology helped you do your business more efficiently. Now, machine learning and artificial intelligence are threatening to do your business for you. If you’re in the business of putting numbers in boxes, bailing faster won’t save your sinking boat. You need to find a new boat entirely.

If you want to succeed in building a business, you have two choices. You can sell your clients something they need. Or you can sell them something they want. Accounting and tax prep will always be services they need. But why compete with everyone else in the industry to give clients something they need, when you can set yourself apart by giving them something they really want?

Tax professionals who add planning and advisory services quickly elevate their status and take themselves out of the “commodity” realm entirely. Telling clients how to pay less gives prospects an immediate reason to do business and an extra benefit that most tax professionals simply don’t offer. Clients still need to eat their vegetables. But offering them a tasty dessert gives them a reason to sit down at YOUR table, not anyone else’s!


Clients Need to Know How Much They Owe. They Want to Know How to Pay Less.


Today's Business Success Is Built On Trust and Relationships.

The high-end consumers that you’ll need to keep you in business in the face of technological change aren’t satisfied doing business with faceless companies or impersonal apps. The clients you really want, want to do business with people. They want to know you, like you, and trust you. They want experiences and relationships that transcend the documents you produce and the services you sell. They want to know they can count on you to have their back!

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What People Are Saying

I wanted to work with a company that did more than teach me how to put numbers in boxes. I wanted a forward looking company that would help me help my clients not only save money, but increase their wealth and peace of mind. The strategies that I’ve learned in just a few days went way beyond my expectations. They have opened up a whole new world for me and my practice. I can’t thank them enough.
Richard Sheridan
Certified Tax Master
Financial Gravity came highly recommended by several close colleagues. After the roadshow I upgraded my membership to the advanced level. It is the best investment I’ve made thus far in my career. I appreciate the masterminding and technical tax strategies I have learned from the group and Ed. If you are a red light tax accountant you need to put your practice in drive and take the green light.
Madison Randolph
Certified Tax Master
“I signed up for Tax Master Network several years ago and it has been one of the best investments for marketing and education I have made. The Tax Blueprint software and learning modules have been immensely helpful in bringing in new and advanced tax planning services into my firm. We are charging way more for tax planning than we ever did before (10 times as much in some cases). I have learned of many new marketing ideas outside of tax planning that has brought new revenue to the firm. I also appreciate the weekly webinars and find the Facebook group very helpful to throw ideas around. The cost of this service has paid for itself many times over and it’s a no-brainer for any tax professional to sign up. “
Stephanie Long

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