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Our Story

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Back in 2001, Ed Lyon created his “Instant Tax Relief” product to sell at seminars. After many requests for this valuable tax plan advice, he realized that these tax saving reports could be customized for his personal clients. As crude as those first plans looked, clients loved them because they worked. No one had ever seen anything like it. Finally, a plan to beat the IRS. Legally!

In 2002, he prepared a tax plan for his friend and neighbor, Keith VandeStadt. Ed restructured his business to simplify his accounting, implemented a medical expense reimbursement plan, and showed him how to shift some of his personal expenses to his business return. Basically, the plan saved him a small fortune.

So when it came time to formalize the planning service and develop the TaxCoach™ system, Keith was a natural partner. He had seen the strategies work himself, and as a systems professional, he knew how to create the mechanics. After polishing the system and adding business-building resources, Ed and Keith launched the TaxCoach™ software system in 2005.

In 2010, Financial Gravity CEO John Pollock joined TaxCoach as a member and immediately saw how he could take advantage of the TaxCoach system to grow his financial advisory business. John built a complete service system around TaxCoach and used it to establish Financial Gravity as the leader in proactive tax planning for business owners clients. It made sense for TaxCoach to partner with Financial Gravity to expand its service offerings to its members.

In 2018, after years of experience working with thousands of tax practice owners and their clients, TaxCoach™ has evolved into the Tax Master Network ™. From our humble beginnings we have now grown way beyond just “tax planning software.” As the name implies, the Tax Master Network ™ has established an entire ecosystem of solutions, services, and experienced resources to help tax professionals with every aspect of tax planning, implementation, and business advisory services.

Our mission is to elevate the role of Tax Professionals and to empower business owners to unlock new levels of savings and wealth creation.

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