The Tale of Good King One Off

A long time ago, in a land far far away, there lived a beloved King named King One Off. King One Off loved his people, with all of his heart, and he wanted them to be happy. He hated to say “no,” even to their smallest requests. And so he didn’t. King One Off knew […]

Here’s What You Need to Know Now for “The Season”

Folks in the tax business usually think of January through April 15 as “the season” – that wonderful time of year when W2s, 1098s, and 1099s start rolling into the office and completed 1040s roll out. (Of course, procrastinators know they actually have until October to get their papers to you, no matter how much […]

Announcing the Fractional Family Office®

Financial Gravity announces the Fractional Family Office® program for CPAs and Enrolled Agents available on August 1, 2019. A Fractional Family Office® provides integrated tax, business, and financial solutions to small business owners and affluent individuals. Beginning August 1, Financial Gravity’s Tax Master Network subsidiary is letting independent accountants and advisors license that concept to […]

Never Ever Ever EVER Say This (And Why Not To)

I’m going to start by saying right up front I’m not a Facebook fan. It just looks like a giant time suck . . . especially when you consider how many people use it for political bickering. And like everyone else here, I have too many Facebook “friends” that aren’t real friends at all. At […]

Thinking, In and Out of the Box

Yesterday, I left the comfortable confines of TMN world headquarters to travel to cold and snowy Chicago. A TMN member invited me to deliver a continuing education program on “Tax Planning for Non-Tax Lawyers” to an audience of about 100 members of the Kane County Bar Association. Not a bad turnout, considering the snow and […]

Intuit Throws You Under the Bus

If you’ve spent any time around the Tax Master community, you know that we’ve spent a lot of time talking about various threats to your business. Usually, these threats come from technology. Artificial intelligence and machine learning and other technological advances aren’t just helping you do your job more efficiently, they’re threatening to do your […]

TaxCoach to Tax Master Network Manifesto: My New Year’s Resolution

Over the last few days, I’ve had several former TaxCoach members ask me about aspects of their new TMN membership. Folks are generally enthusiastic about the new features and opportunities. However, I wanted to step back for a few minutes and discuss why we’ve revamped the program so thoroughly to give you some broader context […]

Advice for Elephant Hunters

Ok, I’ve said for years that the most important decision you’ll make for your business is who you target as your market. This is especially crucial for those of us who want to hunt elephants — those high-value, high-visibility clients that can make your entire year when you finally bag them. With that in mind, […]

One Liner “Greatest Hits”

The one-liner is a comic staple that goes all the way back to Plato. (“A student dunce is voyaging in a very strong sea. When the slaves start wailing, he tells them, ‘don’t cry, in my will I have set you all free!’”) More recently, Henny Youngman turned the one-liner into an entire act. (“Take […]

Qualified Opportunity Zones: Much Ado About Nothing?

We don’t often use this space for technical strategy discussions. However, there’s a new planning tool that’s getting a LOT of attention right now, and we wanted to let you know that we’re incorporating it into TMN resources for you to discuss with your clients. In more cases than you might expect, it will wind […]