Clash of the Titans

Life is full of conflicts. Some of those conflicts are epic and momentous, like the Democrats versus the Republicans, the Arabs versus the Israelis, or the Sunnis versus the Shi’ites. Others are just as hard-fought, but on a smaller scale, like Delta Tau Chi versus Omega Theta Pi, or the “snobs” against the “slobs.” Most […]

Lessons From Masterminding

Last week, we were delighted to host our annual Elites Masterminding conference here in Cincinnati. It’s always my favorite two days of the year, and this year was no exception. 30 of us commandeered the elegant Seasongood Room at the University Club, and put our heads together to pose questions, discuss challenges, and share successes […]

A Scary Disconnect

Legend holds that in 1494, an Italian friar named Luca Pacioli was sitting under an apple tree when an apple bounced off his head. In a flash of insight, he invented the “double-entry bookkeeping” system where each entry has a corresponding and opposite entry to a different account. Those entries, called debits and credits, help accountants avoid […]

A Failure to Communicate

I’ve just completed a long-awaited move from “Camp Lancelot” — my thoroughly conventional 4-bedroom house in a thoroughly-conventional suburb of thoroughly-conventional Cincinnati — to the “Crow’s Nest,” a 22nd-floor -apartment overlooking the mighty Ohio River smack in the middle of cosmopolitan, sophisticated downtown Cincinnati. Big difference! I love being in the middle of the action. […]

What Have You Done Today to Plan for the TCJA?

As I write these words, there are 95 days left in 2018. On January 1, “last year’s tax bill” won’t be last year’s bill anymore. Will you miss the chance to put it to work for your tax-planning business? The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is literally a once-in-a-generation opportunity to discuss planning […]

Arby’s Has the Meats. We Have the Data. 

If you’re watching any football at all this season — NFL, college, or even that silly version they play in Europe with the round balls and the players faking career-ending injuries every time they fall down — you’ve seen way too many ads for Arby’s restaurants. Their current deal is 30 gyros for $90 — […]

Rocket Fuel for Your Planning Business

You’re reading this because you like the idea of using tax planning to grow your business. You think it will be terrific “bait” to attract prospects and keep clients. You think you’ll be able to charge more for it than for accounting and tax prep. And you think it will give you a way to […]

Just Doing It, Part Infinity

Earlier this week, the Nike company dove into a little controversy by signing quarterback Colin Kaepernick to a new ad campaign. Kaepernick, of course, isn’t famous for throwing touchdowns. But he IS famous for leading players protesting police brutality by taking a knee during the national anthem and injecting the entire league into the culture […]

Holiday Time is Here

We’re less than two weeks out from Labor Day, September 3. That means official Tax Planning Season starts on September 4! And this year, Tax Planning Season can be even merrier than usual. That’s because we have the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a whole new tax law to plan for. And If you’ve never […]

TaxCoach Software 2005-2018

For the first time in 12 years, we’re using this space to present an obituary:   TaxCoach Software 2005-2018   TaxCoach Software passed away on August 1, 2018, but was immediately replaced by the Tax Master Network®. TaxCoach was born on January 1, 2005, to Edward A. Lyon and Keith VandeStadt of Cincinnati, Ohio.   […]