Life is full of conflicts. Some of those conflicts are epic and momentous, like the Democrats versus the Republicans, the Arabs versus the Israelis, or the Sunnis versus the Shi’ites. Others are just as hard-fought, but on a smaller scale, like Delta Tau Chi versus Omega Theta Pi, or the “snobs” against the “slobs.”

Most of the time we carry on our business unaffected by those struggles. We hear about more dead in Syrian fighting, pause to wish there were a way to end the violence, and go about the rest of our day.

But there’s one conflict that haunts too many of us every day, sapping our energy and distracting us from our goals. I’m talking, of course, about the celebrity death match between the “Perfect” and the “Good.” You might not think of them as enemies � but trust me when I say the Perfect is the arch-enemy of the Good.

Every so often, I get an email or question on a Wednesday Business Development Call from a newer Tax Master member who’s worried that he or she just doesn’t have what it takes to go out and sell planning. What if she misses a savings opportunity? What if she gets a question she just can’t answer?

The fact is, none of us are perfect. None of us know everything. We can pretend we do, but we really don’t.

Let’s say you sit down to meet with a new client and review their taxes. There are 10 “missed opportunities” on that tax return that are costing that client money. How many of them do you think you can you spot?

I’ve been doing tax planning for a long time. I’m pretty good at spotting missed opportunities. But I’m still not perfect and I won’t ever be. So maybe I’ll find seven or eight of them. (And let’s face it, the client won’t be able to implement all my recommendations right away anyway.)

Our new members worry that she might only find four or five. And no, that’s not as many as me. But so what? They’ll still find four or five more than her client. They’ll still deliver real value to that client.

They’ll still save the client money and justify a nice fee for herself. (And if you’re really worried you’ll miss something big, bring the case to us and sell a Tax Blueprint® — we’ll make sure nothing slips through the cracks!)

What if you misses an opportunity and has to go back? Do you really think the client will be disappointed if she comes back with more ideas? Really?

This is actually a common fear among Tax Master members. They’re afraid they won’t be perfect, so they never give themselves the chance to be good.

But you know what? We’re good. We’re good enough to sell plans, create savings, and delight our clients.

Our clients probably won’t ever know that we’re not perfect. But really, if they did know, they wouldn’t care.

You: Hey, Mr. Client, I just finished reviewing your return, and I figured out how to save you ten grand. What do you think?

Client: I think you’re a friggin’ genius!

You: How unhappy are you that I didn’t find eleven grand?

Client: You’re kidding, right?

Are you one of those members who worry that you aren’t perfect? Let me tell you something you’re not going to want to hear. You’re never going to be perfect! So stop trying, and let yourself be good!

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