Why Certified Tax Master?

When you tell prospects and clients that you’re a CPA or Enrolled Agent, they immediately stereotype you based on their own lifetime of impressions, experiences, and frustrations. The Certified Tax Master® designation lets you start a whole new conversation, based on value and benefits they’ve never gotten from a tax professional. Tell your client that you’ve become a CTM, and now you’re not just another bean counter. Now you’re a specially-trained professional with a complete arsenal of tax-fighting tools and strategies. Now you’re not just telling them how much they owe . . . you’re telling them how to pay less. Now you’re not just one of 665,000 CPAs or 53,000 EAs . . . you’re a uniquely qualified and credible expert with value your “competition” just can’t compete against!

Set Yourself Apart. 

The Certified Tax Master® program was designed by Ed Lyon for tax professionals are aren’t content putting the “numbers in boxes.” Most tax professionals don’t proactively help clients implement strategies to reduce tax liability. In general, most tax professionals primarily focus on compliance activities like bookkeeping and tax preparation. 

Differentiate yourself from competitors by becoming a CTM. Take your practice to the next level by offering proactive tax planning techniques, just like big businesses use, to legally and ethically reduce your client’s tax burden.

Want to become a Certified Tax Master? You can learn more about what it takes below.

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How Do I Become a Certified Tax Master?


Join the Advanced Membership

The Tax Master Certification is only available at the Advanced Level of the Tax Master Network. Not sure if you are the right fit for the Advanced Level? Schedule time to speak with a team member. 


Attend the Green Light Academy

All Certified Tax  Masters are required to attend a 2 1/2 day training focused on advanced tax strategies. The Academy is held in the Spring and Fall each year. Click below to learn more about the next event or join the waiting list. 

Green Light Academy FAQs

The Green Light Academy is a 2 1/2 day conference where you will receive comprehensive training in four areas (timing, shifting, code, and product strategies) and then be provided with a specific action plan for putting everything to work in your business.

If you’re a tax professional and serious about growing your business, the Green Light Academy offers the training to differentiate your expertise in an industry with over 718,000 registered CPAs and EAs. 

If you are an active Advanced member of the Tax Master Network and have attended the Green Light Academy, you qualify as a Certified Tax Master®.

The Green Light Academy is held in the Spring and Fall each year- the location switches between Cincinnati, OH and Allen, TX. 

Absolutely! The Green Light Academy is open to all tax professionals. 

Note: You will not be eligible to become a Certified Tax Master unless you join the Network at the Advanced level. 

No matter your experience, the Green Light Academy will benefit any tax professional looking to offer tax planning to their clients.

Yes! Members of the Tax Master Network receive discounts based on their level. 

If you are currently an active member and planning on attending, please submit a support ticket in the member site to receive your discount. 

Not at this time. 

Because the Academy is focused heavily on advanced tax strategies, attendees find it more valuable to attend with other professionals and benefit from being able to ask Ed direct questions. 

Questions about the Green Light Academy? Speak with a team member.