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A Fractional Family Office® gives clients holistic tax, risk management, and wealth management services, driven from the top down by the client’s 1040 rather than from the bottom up by product pitches.

The Fractional Family Office® Opportunity

The Tax Master Network® and parent company Financial Gravity® are looking to partner with select tax professionals across the country to bring the Fractional Family Office® concept to clients. Do you have what it takes?

  • Do you realize the traditional business of putting numbers in boxes is no longer enough to sustain a practice in the face of technological change, shrinking margins, and competition from new sources?

  • Do you want to use tax planning as the tip of your spear to define your value and distinguish yourself from your competition?

  • Are you hungry to add new services and new recurring revenue streams to your business?

  • Are you willing to delegate day-to-day operations that are outside your core competency to a back-office team operating with state-of-the-art technology and systems that you simply wouldn’t be able to create yourself?

  • Are you willing to act as a fiduciary with respect to your clients?

  • Are you willing to offer wealth management and insurance services?

Your Fractional Family Office® license comes with branding and intellectual property to position your new service. You’ll still use your own name for your business, but you’ll immediately identify yourself as offering clients so much more. Which do you think will attract more interest? Smith & Company, CPAs? Or Smith and Company, CPAs: A Fractional Family Office®?

The Fractional Family Office® positions you as the quarterback of a complete financial team.

Ready to talk? Click here to schedule a Discovery Meeting with a member of our team. We’ll discuss where you are now, where you’re hoping to take your business, and whether Financial Gravity’s Fractional Family Office® is the route to get there!

Meet Ed Lyon. Chief Tax Strategist and Founder of the Tax Master Network and Fueled Coaching. 

Many TMN members don’t realize that I started my career in financial services. I originally developed the “Tax Tuneup” – the tax-planning system that became the software that powers the Tax Blueprint® — in order to attract insurance and investment clients with value they don’t get from their accountants or other financial advisors.

Fifteen years of experience helping financial professionals have confirmed my early insight that tax planning is the most powerful way to attract high-income, high-net-worth clients. But I’ve always known there was more I could do to help advisors walk through the doors that proactive tax planning opens. The Fractional Family Office® ties all those opportunities together under a uniquely-branded umbrella that lets you give your clients the type of service ordinarily reserved for the wealthiest Americans.

I’ve found great satisfaction in showing accountants and advisors a new way to build their business by offering proactive tax-planning services. I’m even more excited to take these last 15 years to their logical conclusion. If my obituary headline reads, “Edward Lyon, championed ‘Fractional Family Office®’ Services,” I’ll be proud of that legacy.

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