Fueled is a monthly group coaching program that helps you develop the real-world business skills that you need to grow your tax-planning business. Modules include interactive quizzes and exercises to challenge the way you think about yourself, your business, and your relationships with prospects and clients. Monthly webinars let you explore answers in depth and compare lessons with your fellow participants. No theory, no fluff, just practical strategies to deliver immediate, measurable results!

The Fueled Approach. 

“Going into business for yourself can be the biggest adventure of your career. But hanging out your own shingle usually means giving up the personal and professional support you’re used to in a larger organization. More and more tax professionals are turning to coaching to fill that gap. The hard part there is finding a coach who can help you develop the right mindset for success and understands the specific challenges of your business.

I’ve personally coached hundreds of tax professionals to success. I’ve helped turn struggling five-figure practitioners into six-figure and seven-figure successes. I’ve helped turn commodity tax preparers into high-value tax planners. I’ve coached tax professionals how to envision their dream businesses and take practical, concrete steps towards realizing those dreams.

The Fueled program takes my 12 years of coaching experience and condenses them into quick, concise monthly modules, packed with information and provocative questions to help you get the most out of your own resources and experiences.”

– Ed Lyon, Chief Tax Strategist and Founder of the Tax Master Network

“Ed, I just wanted to say thank you. Because of your coaching, teaching, pushing, etc. I put over $250,000 more in my pocket this year- so far!”

Daniel Greene, CPA

Meet Ed Lyon. Chief Tax Strategist and Founder of the Tax Master Network and Fueled Coaching. 

The Fueled Curriculum. 

Fueled modules focus on real-world topics they don’t teach in school. They’re typically organized in three-month tracks that cover concepts like confidence, sales, behavioral finance, and personal development. Each track contains monthly courses and assignments that are recapped in the ReFueled group webinar that takes place on the fourth Tuesday of every month. 


Fueled classes are typically presented in three-month "tracks" that focus on concepts like confidence, sales, behavioral finance, and personal development.


Assignments are sent the first day of each month. They are designed for you to complete at your own pace and relate to the overall theme of the current track.


What's an assignment without accountability? ReFueled is the monthly group webinar hosted by Ed Lyon or special guest to discuss and recap the monthly course. ReFueled usually takes place the fourth Tuesday of the month.

“Ed, I’m going to take out a life insurance policy on you. I would be irreparably harmed if something were to happen to you!”

Joseph Reyes, CPA

Fueled Track 1: July – September 

Personal Development 

The Fueled coaching program is all about developing your most important business resource: you! Anyone can hang out a shingle and start offering services. But building a dream business takes more than technical expertise. It takes the right set of attitudes towards, people, money, and success. The first quarterly track is dedicated to helping you understand those attitudes, leverage them where possible, and recognize potentially destructive influences before they trip you up.

Most tax professionals hang out a shingle, start hiring staff, and grow their clientele by adding more and more clients over time. But that’s not the only way to grow and leverage a practice, and it certainly may not be the best for you. TMN members have built all sorts of successful practices, from home-based one-man bands to large organizations with multiple offices. This course will introduce you to different models for success and help you determine which is best for you.

People grow up with all sorts of different attitudes towards money and success, and those sometimes-subconscious attitudes shape every financial decision they make. Understanding those attitudes helps you make better choices yourself, and will help you connect better with prospects and clients.

The Culture Index is a personality assessment tool, similar to the DISC, Kolbe, or Myers-Briggs tests you may already be familiar with, that measures seven specific work-related traits to help you and your teammates work as effectively as possible with your clients and with each other. You’ll be taking the test yourself, then learning how to understand the results and put them to work. 









Fueled modules focus on real-world topics they don’t teach in school. They’re typically organized in three-month tracks that cover concepts like confidence, sales, behavioral finance, and personal development. They take my 12 years of coaching success and condense them into laser-targeted lessons you can put to work to start improving your business immediately.

Fueled modules typically start on the first of the month with a reading assignment, online quiz or in-depth worksheet to outline concepts and draw out your responses. Then, on the fourth Tuesday of the month, we meet for a webinar to reinforce the lessons and share information with fellow participants.

Courses are sent on the 1st of each month and the group webinar, ReFueled, is hosted on the third Tuesday of the month at 1 PM EST. You will still receive that months lesson and can choose whether to complete the assignment and join the webinar. 

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