Virtual Green Light Academy

October 21 & 22

1-5pm Eastern (both days)


This year's theme:
How to charge higher fees

You do not need to be a paying member of Tax Master Network to take advantage of this free program. Virtual Green Light is free for all who want to join.

Learn How to Charge Higher Fees

October 21 & 22

1-5pm Eastern (both days)

Virtual Green Light Academy Agenda

Thursday, October 21

Thursday, 1:00-1:50PM: Higher Fee Mindset

This session presents the theory underlying higher fees: The three-word secret that underlies everything else; the two dimensions you can build your business; the “hierarchy of values” that leads to higher fees and more valuable client relationships; and lessons from Dr. Dre on raising fees by “improving your view.”

Thursday, 2:00-2:50PM: Higher Fee Tactics

This session updates our classic “Seven Secrets to Higher Fees” presentation for 2021 with seven specific strategies you can start implementing immediately to charge what you’re worth.

Thursday, 3:00-3:50: Behind the Velvet Rope

At some point in your life, you’ve encountered a velvet rope – probably guarded by a burly tuxedoed doorman – separating you from a club or party or event that you wished you could attend. This presentation presents examples from a variety of high-end businesses to outline how you can put your business behind a velvet rope, too.

Thursday, 4:00-4:50: Keynote

Tax professionals operate at the confluence of two massive events: the demonetizing and eventual dematerialization of tax compliance work, and the shift towards a fiduciary standard for financial solution providers. This presents perhaps the most significant opportunity for the tax pro since the invention of the desktop computer.

Dave O’Rourke, President of Financial Gravity Asset Management, Inc., will share his vision of the future of financial services, the democratization of the modern multi-family office. Spoiler alert: YOU figure prominently in that future.

Friday, October 22

Friday 1:00-1:50PM: Choreographing Client Experiences

You may think you’re in the business of giving clients documents – the “numbers in boxes,” tax plans, and family office services that immediately pop into mind when they think of your name. But you also deliver an experience, just like when they go out to eat, or stay at a hotel, or do business with anyone else. You’ve probably never thought about that experience – but you should! This presentation, drawn from a surprising authority in the field, teaches how important client experiences are to supporting higher fees.

Friday, 2:00-2:50PM: High-Fee Year-Round Income

It’s 2021 – why are you still billing clients for transactions? This presentation introduces the concept of “relationship billing,” which takes monthly “fixed-fee” or “maintenance” packages to a new height. We’ll dig deep into the weeds here, with practical “how-to” guidelines and even provide template documents you can adapt to your own particular practice.

Friday 3:00-3:50: Pricing for Family Office Services

You know that opportunities abound to do more for your clients, and in so doing monetize your “most-trusted” status and change forever the role you play in your clients’ financial lives. But the barriers to entry can seem daunting, expensive and time consuming. Dave O’Rourke will show you how you can elevate your current business by a multiple of revenue, profitability and business value with no capital outlay, no new staff and little additional demands on your time. Learn how the democratization of the multi-family office model can revolutionize your business.

Friday, 4:00-4:50: Putting It All to Work

Our final session starts with a written worksheet to “tie it all together” and craft a personal action plan to make sure you get actual value from the eight hours you spend with us, and not just a pile of shiny things and notes that you shove in a drawer but never really act on.

Transform Your Business
into a high fee powerhouse

The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy reports that on August 24, 2021, there were 669,130 actively-licensed CPAs in the U.S. Plus about 50,000 EAs, and thousands more attorneys and unenrolled preparers.

If you assume the average CPA is 5’7” tall, and stretch them head-to-toe, they’ll reach from New York’s Grand Central Station all the way to suburban Atlanta. That’s a lot of competition. And you probably think that with all those competitors chasing your prospects (and clients!), you have to keep your fees down to thrive.

Good news: you’re wrong.

The database includes reviews for 5,609 restaurants in Chicago. There are literally hundreds of places selling 99-cent burgers and tacos. Yet Alinea, in the city’s upscale Lincoln Park neighborhood, sells out every seat, every night, for their tasting menu – starting at $190/person, before drinks and tax. And they’re ranked just #22 on TripAdvisor’s list! (Hint: they’re not selling food.)

You may not think a fine-dining restaurant holds lessons for your business. But open your eyes to the broader lessons here. I don’t care what motivated you to start your business, or how much you hoped to make. The fact is, you’re not charging as much as you can. And while you probably aren’t aiming to squeeze every penny you can out of your clients, you’ll be shocked to learn how much you’re leaving on the table.

More good news: On Thursday, October 21 and Friday, October 22, Tax Master Network is hosting our second “Virtual Green Light Academy.” The theme is “How to Charge Higher Fees,” and it’s eight hours of solid, hard-hitting content that outlines a step-by-step system for turning mediocre “me-too” businesses into high-fee powerhouses. Here’s just a teaser of everything you’ll learn:

  • Three one-syllable words that hold the key to charging more
  • Why the traditional “leveraged” approach to building an accounting practice isn’t the key to riches
  • The biggest reason most tax professionals are afraid to charge what they’re worth
  • The pricing strategy analysis that fewer than one in 100 tax professionals ever make
  • Seven strategic steps you can start implementing immediately to charge higher fees
  • The single most important marketing decision you’ll make
  • Pricing lessons from the “velvet rope” economy
  • How to choreograph client experiences
  • Marketing lessons from a surprising (even shocking) source
  • A practical clinic on moving from traditional billing methods to “relationship pricing”
  • How to leverage your most valuable business asset into even greater income


How much is all of this information worth? I’m not a fan of marketers who assign ridiculously inflated values to their program, so only you can answer that question. But I can promise that you’ll be amazed at how much value you get in the first hour alone. And when it’s over, you’ll be blown away that we gave it all away for free. (You’ll also learn in the second hour why we’re doing it.)

So be sure to join us, October 21-22, from 1PM-5PM Eastern (10AM-2PM Pacific) for our second “Virtual Green Light Academy.” Your wallet (and your spouse, and your kids, and your mortgage company) will be very disappointed if you don’t!

Here’s How to Start Charging Higher Fees Faster Than You Can Believe

Virtual Green Light Academy
Eight hours of content on growing your business

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