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Edward A. Lyon, JD is the founder of the Tax Master Network, previously TaxCoach Software. He is an author, most recently,  of Selling Tax Strategies: The Financial Gravity Guide to Building Your Business by Cutting Your Client’s Taxes. Ed is an expert in navigating the green and red lights of the tax code as well as helping tax professionals grow their business and save small business owners millions.

The Problem: FREE Advice

I started TaxCoach because tax professionals had no systems for offering true, proactive tax planning. They really wanted to help their clients save money on taxes – but they were offering free advice and verbal recommendations that usually just went in one ear and out the other. TaxCoach let members create a tangible deliverable that set them aside from their competition and emphasized the value of tax planning as a separate (and separately priced) engagement.

Our members loved this new approach. Telling people how to pay less is a lot more fun than telling them how much they owe! But ironically, we discovered the most valuable benefit was something we never set out to create, and that was our community. We brought hundreds of members together for regional and national events. We’ve fostered professional partnerships and lifelong friendships. The community has been the most fulfilling part of what I’ve done in my entire career.

The Solution: FULFILLING Plans

As we worked with TaxCoach members over time, we refined our system to help them become even more effective and valuable. We realized the tax planning process includes three equally important steps. Just like when you go to the doctor, there’s a diagnosis, a prescription, and filling the prescription. We discovered that our TaxCoach software program was just a prescription pad. We weren’t doing nearly enough to help members fill the prescriptions we were helping them write.

At the same time, our longtime member John Pollock had launched Financial Gravity to build out plan implementation services under the “Tax Operating System®” umbrella. It just made perfect sense to join forces with an organization that was working to fill a gap that we weren’t suited to fill ourselves.

The Tax Master Network takes everything I’ve learned about selling and fulfilling lucrative tax-planning engagements, and marries it to everything Financial Gravity has learned about implementing those services.

Now we’re not just selling concepts and strategies. Now we’re selling a comprehensive suite of services that bring those concepts and strategies to life, delighting clients and delivering the actual savings they really want from you. TMN has brought my original vision to life. And TMN lets us attract a bigger group of members, whether they just need a few pieces to complete their own picture, or want to start fresh with a blank canvas. TaxCoach was a great start, but TMN puts the power of the “network” to work to breathe real life into that vision.

We want tax professionals to become more than just historians putting numbers in boxes. We want them to enjoy resources and education to be true advisors. We want them to feel welcome in a sharing, supportive community of peers who push them to become the best possible versions of themselves.

We want to see them delight their clients with unexpected value. We want to see them become indispensable members of their clients' financial teams.

Ed Lyon, Chief Tax Strategist

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