We Empower Accounting Professionals. 

Are you a CPA, Enrolled Agent, bookkeeper, or accounting professional looking for ways to improve your practice? Many people perceive accounting professionals primarily as administrators putting numbers in boxes. The Tax Master Network empowers you to showcase your true potential by elevating your role – and escaping the box! We equip you with the tools, training, knowledge, and network of skilled resources to successfully deliver comprehensive strategic tax services to your clients and become a true tax advisor.

“You should be paid more to solve the problem and present the solutions than recording the history.”

Ed Lyon, Chief Tax Strategist

What Exactly Do I Get?


The Tax Master Network isn't just training and resources- get access to access to a custom suite of spreadsheets, forms, and templates to price, present, and fulfill lucrative tax-planning engagements that give clients the savings they really want.


Convert prospects into paying clients with a tested suite of marketing tools, including turnkey seminar kits, client emails, and prospecting content.


Expand your expertise with an extensive library of training videos and white papers to get you up to speed on tax-planning strategies, how to market your new service, and how to take advantage of TMN resources and benefits.


As a member, you never have to go at it alone. We've cultivated an extensive network of partners to assist with every step of the tax planning process. You'll have access to turn-key solutions specializing in legal, accounting, tax, and financial services. This saves you valuable time and empowers you to be the well-connected professional your client expects - while getting them the results they want.

Meet the Founder of the Tax Master Network Ed Lyon, Chief Tax Strategist.

Author. Consultant. Speaker. Co-founder of TaxCoach™ Software, LLC. Tax Planning Authority.


Here are some of the questions we get most frequently…

The Tax Master Network® is a one stop shop for tax planning tools, resources, and training. The monthly membership provides you with everything you need from marketing resources, standardized tax plan pricing, done-for-you tax plans, and an extensive list of partner
and vendors to implement the money saving strategies. By becoming a member, you partner with the Tax Master Network to offer higher level services that make your clients wealthier and generate year-round revenue for your business.

Yes! Absolutely.

Ed no longer offers one-on-one coaching (he used to charge $700 an hour in some cases) – this is because he is totally committing himself to the Tax Master Network Community. He spends a certain amount of time in the private Facebook on a weekly basis, answering questions and providing feedback, as well as hosting our live business development and technical webinars each month.

He remains the central player in everything that happens within the Tax Master Network.

You’ll get out of the Tax Master Network exactly what you put into it!

Some of our members are actively selling tax plans each week (it shows in their amazing success!). Some log-in a couple of times a month to sell a plan or take advantage of the marketing resources. And a large number of our members are interacting daily on the private Facebook page and attending each weekly webinar. 

The fact is, it’s different for everyone. However, with that being said we recommend logging in as regularly as you can to connect with other members, and revel in the support, opportunities, and accountability.

Explore the levels below to find where you fit. Still not sure? Schedule time to talk with a Tax Master Network team member and we can find the right fit what you need in your business.

Discover What Level Fits Your Business Needs. 

The Tax Master Network contains three levels- Basic, Advanced and Elite. Discover the level that will fit the needs of your business or schedule a time to speak with a team member to discuss the options. 


You’re new to tax planning and you’re curious to see how it can work for your business

30% Tax Blueprint commission

$ 99
/ MO*
  • Portal Access and Tools
  • Technical Training Center
  • DIY Planning Software
  • Wednesday Member Call
  • Facebook Group


You’ve seen tax planning work and you’re committed to making it a centerpiece of your business

$2,500 setup fee waived once
50% Tax Blueprint commission
$ 999
/ MO*
  • Basic, PLUS:
  • Networker weekly email
  • Fueled Group Coaching
  • Sales Training Center (including seminar kits)
  • Automated Tax Operating System (TOS)® SaaS
  • Customized Infusionsoft access
  • Automated Blueprint Sales System
  • Automated TOS® Sales System


You’re serious about adding best-in-breed financial services to your business

$2,500 setup fee waived once
50% Tax Blueprint commission

$ 1999
/ MO*
  • Advanced, PLUS:
  • Fractional Family Office® Option*
  • Look-over-your-shoulder case design
  • Spot coaching
  • Book License**
  • Forta Financial Group - Tech Stack: LaserFiche, Salesforce CRM, Advizr planning software, Smarsh email/social media archiving, SqWatcher website archiving and more
  • MPath Advisor Resources - Tech Stack: Annuities Genius, Ensight, FireLight, SuperAgentTools and more
  • Sofos Investments TAMP: Risk Pilot, 4 Alpha Portfolio, 4 Beta Portfolios, Alpha/Beta Fusion Portfolio, Orion Aggregation & Billing
  • Applied Behavioral Finance Software: RealRiskMeter, Best Interest Analysis and Incomize
  • E&O insurance coverage


Speak with one of the Tax Master Network team members to learn more about leveraging the Tax Master Network to scale your business.