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What does it take to build a top-dollar tax practice? What does it take to fill your office with satisfied clients, eager to pay premium fees and refer you to friends and family? 

You could try giving them the same “numbers in boxes” as everyone else. (And wind up with the same results as everyone else.)

Or you can give your clients an edge. You can give them a plan, to “beat the IRS,” legally, morally, and ethically. You can give them the savings they really want!

Tax Master Network turns you into a true tax planner and trusted advisor. It give you the tools and techniques you need to stand out from the crowd and attract the high-value clients you really want. 

Are you just starting your tax practice? TMN can jump-start your growth and generate immediate income without expensive direct mail, social media, or telemarketing programs. 

Are you looking to take an established practice to the next level? TMN can help you leverage your most valuable client relationships into higher fees and predictable, recurring revenue.

If you’re satisfied with the tax season grind and watch your business grow through chance and circumstance, then put down this letter. Pick up a magazine or turn on a Law & Order repeat. I won’t be offended. My system isn’t for everyone.

But if you want more from your tax practice — like a year-round stream of happy, satisfied clients, eager to pay premium fees, enthusiastic to refer friends, family, and associates, then read on. This information may change the way you look at your business.

A little over 10 years ago, I joined Tax Coach, now Tax Master Network, and found what turned out to be an ever increasing wealth of value for the members. I thought that the early versions of the various tools that helped me create tax reduction plans for my clients were really good. Over the years, the information and tools and ability to interact with other professionals has been invaluable. Ed Lyon keeps it all real, and with all of the new systems that have been developed, the ability to create optimal plans and implementations for clients is at a new level. In addition to the actual tools, the reinforcement of the value proposition that is key to the success of our business has helped us to grow effectively in a direction that I would not have imagined when I first became a member. I highly recommend TMN and all that is offered, and look forward to continuing this relationship for a long time.
Bill Perlette, EA
Temecula, CA
I have taken your advice so much that tomorrow . . . Tax Day . . . I have NOTHING on my calendar and I am going fishing! But I have made a healthy six figures in tax planning this year. This is cool stuff!
Dusty Rollins
DeLand, FL
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  • DIY Planning Software
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What does it take to succeed in building a tax practice?

My name is Ed Lyon. I earned my law degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. I’ve delivered over 300 in-person seminars and served clients across the country. I’ve appeared on over 500 television, radio, and internet broadcasts, including CNN, Fox News, CNBC, and even The Roseanne Show. (She dubbed me “the funniest tax guy in America.”) I’ve helped over 3,000 tax professionals across the country build more satisfying, more successful, and more lucrative businesses.

I’ve learned that most tax professionals don’t offer the kind of proactive planning and advice their clients are dying for.Those who do, rarely translate that value into premium fees and steady referrals.

I speak to business owner audiences across the country. I ask everyone to raise their hand if their tax pro has come to them and said “here’s an idea I think will save you money.” And it’s like asking a class of seventh-grade math students to step up to the board. Maybe one in ten hands goes up – if that.

If your client is in the audience – and you haven’t actually saved him money – he may not be your client much longer!

I tell my audiences that the key to beating the IRS – legally – is planning. I don’t care how good you are with a stack of receipts on April 15. If your client didn’t know she could take bonus depreciation on her new Acura . . . if she didn’t know she could set up a medical expense reimbursement plan and write off her daughter’s braces as a business expense . . . if she didn’t know she could turbocharge her SEP contributions by switching to a solo 401(k) . . . there’s nothing you or any other tax preparer can do to help.

Real tax planning isn’t about putting numbers in boxes. It’s about introducing, explaining, and implementing strategies that help clients hold on to more of their hard-earned cash. And that, in turn, establishes your value, as a trusted advisor, not a commodity.

The key to growing your business, then, is to deliver planning services your clients will pay premium fees for, and tout to their friends, families, and associates.

I have been a Tax Coach/TMN member since 2010. During that time I have been able to use the tax planning strategies that I have learned, to grow my practice from annual revenues of $50,000 to over $1.2 Million. In addition to the financial rewards, I have gained from being a member I have forged relationships with members across the country whom I can now consult with when questions arise. Overall it is a great community to be part of.
Craig S. Cody, CPA
Garden City, NY
Tax expert Edward Lyon is a nationally sought-after speaker, lecturer, and author. Through his organization Tax Master Network, he trains tax professionals on how to help their clients save thousands of dollars per year on their taxes. I highly recommend his pro-active tax planning approach! Edward is by far one of the most informative experts I have ever met. Not only did he give us quality advice on ways to execute financial strategies, but he also had great insight into general business and marketing planning.
Lubna Channo, CPA
Troy, MI
In the past couple of years I have found Ed to be one of the most creative and knowledgeable tax planners/tax attorney’s that I have ever met. His ability to quickly see the issues and come up with solutions for taxpayers is quite a treat to see in action. His unique perspective and sense of humor have been quite refreshing in an industry that tends towards very sober personalities.
Laura Stees, CPA
San Diego, CA
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Deliver True Tax Planning

Traditional tax “planning” spreadsheets don’t actually plan anything. They project future tax liabilities in excruciating detail – usually far more detail than clients need or even appreciate. It leaves you the job of translating spreadsheets into concepts and strategies. And it’s obsolete every time Congress changes the law. Is it any wonder clients are confused?

But how do you introduce, explain, and implement those strategies? How do you choose the best strategies for each client? That’s where TMN comes in.

“True tax planning” works like what happens when you visit the doctor. Typically, three things happen:

  1. First, the doctor examines you and diagnoses the problem.
  2. Next, the doctor prescribes the solution. What’s it going to take to fix the problem?
  3. Finally, someone fills the prescription. That might involve a trip to the pharmacy for medication. It might mean surgery. It might mean physical therapy. But if the problem is serious, it’s not just going to fix itself.


TMN-style tax planning follows that same model.

  1. The “diagnosis” typically takes the form of a free tax assessment. You’ll look over your prospect’s business and personal tax returns and ask you a series of questions about their goals and resources. (Don’t worry if this sounds intimidating. Our “Rosetta Stone” presentation helps you quickly identify opportunities from your prospect’s returns. We can even help you turn current clients into planning prospects without worrying about embarrassing yourself for not having done this previously.)
  2. The prescription takes the form of a written tax plan that introduces clients to the right concepts and strategies. Everything is footnoted and sourced to the relevant tax code sections, Treasury regulations, or appropriate authorities.
  3. Finally, the TMN’s Tax Operating System® “fills the prescription.” This includes the implementation guides, checklists, forms, and templates, and referrals to specialists that you need to put the strategies to work, document them properly, and audit-proof your returns.”


TMN is a one-stop shop for the tools, resources, and training you need to make it all happen.

The monthly membership provides you with everything from marketing resources, standardized tax plan pricing, done-for-you tax plans, and an extensive list of partner and vendors to implement the money saving strategies. By becoming a member, you partner with the Tax Master Network to offer higher level services that make your clients wealthier and generate year-round revenue for your business.

$ 99
/ MO*
  • Portal Access and Tools
  • Technical Training Center
  • DIY Planning Software
  • Wednesday Member Call
  • Facebook Group

Your Basic Membership Includes:

1: TMN Member Portal

The member portal is your home page for TMN resources. You’ll find a step-by-step roadmap to marketing, selling, and fulfilling lucrative tax-planning engagements. You’ll find scores of tools and resources to attract clients, close engagements without “selling,” price your services, structure monthly maintenance programs, and profit from lucrative add-ons like audit protection, insurance, and asset management. You’ll also find powerful personal development tools to boost your confidence in your new service and feel comfortable working with higher-income clients.

2: Technical Training Center

The Technical Training Center delivers comprehensive, module-based training on the technical strategies you’ll use to deliver savings and delight clients. Modules typically include a detailed video presentation, client-friendly white paper, and slide presentation. You’ll also find fill-in-the-blank forms, templates, and checklists to translate concepts into concrete savings. There are currently two dozen modules, including:

3: TMN Planning Software

The TMN planning software is the core of the system. Clients complete a simple three-page survey with check- the-box questions on their family and home, their business, and their investments. It takes less than five minutes to enter your client’s information. This means you can prepare a plan long before you ever prepare a return, regardless of which tax-prep software you use.

The software uses a proprietary “artificial intelligence” to choose from over 130 specific, proven tax-saving strategies, based on the answers to those questions. It packages those strategies into a tax plan report tailored to your client. (Of course, you can override and customize each report as you see fit.)

This isn’t a spreadsheet. It’s a plain-English presentation tool. It explains to clients what the spreadsheets mean to them, without burying them in detail. It tells them exactly what to do to realize savings. (Of course you can always supplement TMN plans with spreadsheet projections.)

Each module fits on a single page, with easy-to-understand examples, charts, tables, and graphics. Modules are fully sourced and footnoted to the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury regulations, and other appropriate sources.

Each page is personalized for you and your client. And each plan includes a custom cover page, table of contents, and an “About the Planner” page you can customize with your photo, logo, and biography.

If you’re not yet confident in your ability to prepare a plan on your own, we can do it for you! Our Tax Blueprint® service lets you draw on our own expertise to identify appropriate strategies, prepare you to deliver the plan, and in some cases even sit in on the plan delivery with you.

4: Wednesday Business Development Call

The Technical Training Center delivers comprehensive, module-based training on the technical strategies you’ll use to deliver savings and delight clients. Modules typically include a detailed video presentation, client-friendly white paper, and slide presentation. You’ll also find fill-in-the-blank forms, templates, and checklists to translate concepts into concrete savings. There are currently two dozen modules, including:

5: TMN Facebook Group

The members-only TMN Facebook group takes the Wednesday Business Development Call and makes it available 24/7. This is also a great place to draw on your peers’ expertise with your technical questions.

$ 99
/ MO*
  • Portal Access and Tools
  • Technical Training Center
  • DIY Planning Software
  • Wednesday Member Call
  • Facebook Group
Ed Lyon has changed my life and my idea of how a tax business should be run in the 21st century. I came from the old school thinking of do a tax return get paid, maybe get paid for some off-season representation work or do a few one off consults to service clients in the offseason. The only other option that ever crossed my mind was doing tedious by the hour book-keeping and accounting whereby I would have to compete on hourly rates with a sea of Quickbooks certified record-keepers. Enter Ed! Now the idea of recording history and maintaining compliance that has little to no value in the world of Quickbooks was for lack of a better word- history! At the same time DIY tax software or the CPA who’s willing to sell their soul to the lowest bidder to get new tax prep clients made it difficult to put a value on the tax prep services we provide and made me scream anytime a conversation led to the inevitable “how much do you charge to do taxes?” With proactive tax planning there is NO competition! Tax planning as most clients know it is that time of year they sit down and go over with-holdings and maybe get an idea of what to put in their 401k or IRA to reduce their tax bill, not what Ed and the TMN group do which is literally a holistic approach that has a one size fits one solution to match unique aspects of the tax payers personal life and other overlooked items in their business to a bucket of either shifting, timing, code or product based tax saving strategies. Thanks to Ed I will finally double my business and reduce the volume of work versus the 9yrs I was in business where I had to increase the volume of work for a modest 10-15% growth in revenue.
Clint Masser, EA
Phoenix, AZ

TMN Works for You

Now that you see what “true tax planning” means for your clients, let’s see what TMN can mean for your business.

Justify Premium Fees

Like it or not, tax preparation is a commodity business. Clients can always find someone faster, cheaper, or more convenient. This makes it hard to justify premium fees.

If your client thinks you and your competitor deliver the same service, you’re both “apples.” And apples-to-apples comparisons make it hard for you to charge more.

But if your client sees you deliver more, you’re no longer an apple. Now you’re an “orange.” Now you can use an apples-to-oranges comparison to set whatever fee you like. Who cares what your “competition” charges if they can’t actually compete?

TMN stacks the deck in your favor. It gives you the extra value you need to avoid those apples-to-apples comparisons.

Generate Year-Round Income

Traditional tax preparers don’t have much to offer outside “the season.” (Remember Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings? His amazing run ended when he couldn’t identify H&R Block as the company whose 70,000 seasonal white-collar employees work just four months a year.)

You can meet a new client in August and wait months to get paid for filing his return next April. It doesn’t matter how impressive you are if your job doesn’t start ’till the season.

Or you can use TMN . . . prepare a written plan for whatever fee you choose to charge . . . impress him enough to refer two more clients in time to get paid long before they ever engage you to prepare a return.

Boost Client Loyalty

TMN clients know you’re not just dropping the “right” numbers into the right boxes on the right forms. They know you’re working year-round to save them money, in all areas of their finances.

This means better clients – loyal clients, willing to pay premium fees, not lured away by your competitor with the closer office, the cheaper price, or the longer hours. When a smart-aleck like me asks them if their tax guy has ever come to them and said “here’s an idea I think will save you money,” you’ll be bullet-proof.

Boost Referrals

TMN clients save money – sometimes big money. That doesn’t just boost client loyalty.

TMN turns clients into raving fans, happy to refer you to friends, family, and colleagues. And clients generally refer “up”, which boosts your business even more.

Introduce Lucrative Financial Services

If you’re already running a successful tax practice, you have the most important thing you need to succeed in financial services – the clients! What do you think will be the easier way to expand your business? Finding more clients for the things you’re already doing? Or finding more things to do for the clients you already have? Experience tells us it’s the second.

Expanding your business to include financial services sounds intimidating at first. But TMN offers a unique, done-for-you system to take advantage of your “most-trusted professional” status and build your confidence fast. Our FATE program works to earn you an extra $250,000 in revenue in your first year in the business.

$ 99
/ MO*
  • Portal Access and Tools
  • Technical Training Center
  • DIY Planning Software
  • Wednesday Member Call
  • Facebook Group
Partnering with the Tax Master Network has transformed our practice into advisory focused firm. Both our clients & firm has benefited substantially from the value added by our relationship with TMN. It has allowed us to keep our staff size lean while delivering large firm advisory services to our high net worth & business clients. TMN's performance has been exceptional & they continue to raise the bar. We are looking forward to a long lasting relationship.
James Mays, EA
Hampton, GA
I have been a member of TMN for well over five years. I must say that my affiliation has not only given me a tremendous ROI with all of the strategies I have implemented, it has also provided me the security of being part of a community of like-minded tax pros that I can tap into as needed. I would add that my tax planning knowledge I have learned from Ed and other members of the group help set me apart from my competition and gives me added confidence when I am in front of prospective clients.
Jon Bell, CPA
Albuquerque, NM
I signed up for Tax Master Network several years ago and it has been one of the best investments for marketing and education I have made. The Tax Blueprint software and learning modules have been immensely helpful in bringing in new and advanced tax planning services into my firm. We are charging way more for tax planning than we ever did before (10 times as much in some cases). I have learned of many new marketing ideas outside of tax planning that has brought new revenue to the firm. I also appreciate the weekly webinars and find the Facebook group very helpful to throw ideas around. The cost of this service has paid for itself many times over and it’s a no brainer for any tax professional to sign up.
Stephanie Long, JD
Denver, CO

Put It All To Work

By now you’re probably worried about how much all this costs. After all, comprehensive tax-prep suites cost at least $1,000, and in some cases more than ten times that. And that just gets you in the game. No pro-active planning. No Marketing Guide. No seminar kits. No client alerts.

You’ll be pleased to discover that TMN guards your marketing dollars as jealously as it guards your clients’ taxes. Basic membership is just $99/month, billed automatically to your credit card. Generate as many clients and plans as you like for the same all-inclusive membership. That’s less than $3.41/day for the most powerful business-development system you can have.
There’s no long-term commitment — you can cancel anytime.

How many new clients do you need to attract to justify your investment? You can pay for an entire year’s membership with a single client. But don’t think in terms of recouping your investment. Think of multiplying it by dozens or even hundreds of times. There’s just nothing else like TMN.

Click here to activate your membership. In less time than it took to read this letter, you’ll have access to a unique suite of tools to build your business, your fees, and your referrals. Save your clients a fortune and have them sing your praises.
Are you serious about growing your business? Then how can you say no? Try it today, and soon you’ll need some TMN planning strategies for yourself!

$ 99
/ MO*
  • Portal Access and Tools
  • Technical Training Center
  • DIY Planning Software
  • Wednesday Member Call
  • Facebook Group

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