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Tax Master Network Client Referral System: The Networker 

The Networker is a done-for-you weekly email that prospects and clients will actually open and read. No boring stories about new depreciation limits or technical tax topics. (That’s what they have you for.) Networkers are entertaining, engaging stories, usually “ripped from the headlines” just like a Law and Order episode. Is your newsletter content provider writing about celebrity parents bribing their children’s way into college or Bryce Harper’s record-setting baseball contract? If not, the Networker will grab your readers’ attention and keep you on the front of their mind!

Proven to get read and referred.

The Networker helped me add 50 new clients. New prospects contact me after our initial meetings solely based on Networker emails. I don't have to keep following up with them, the Networker does it for me and they contact me.

John Carr Jr, CPA Richardson, TX

The amount of business generated is truly incredible! It moves those on the fence. It builds credibility for those one has met at networking events and rarely interact. I am stunned by how valuable it is. I have closed more business in the last six weeks than in all of last year and I owe that to the Networker in large part.

Susan Honig, CFP, EA Burbank, CA








Step 1

Subscribe to The Networker. 

Immediately start receiving the weekly Monday preview of the copy that will be sent every Wednesday on your behalf (if you choose not to send it yourself).

Step 2

 After you sign up you will start receiving a series of emails that will walk you through the process of providing the information we need. 

Update or request your contact list at anytime.

Step 3

Your referral machine is ready to go! 

Have Questions About the Networker? Talk to a Team Member.