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Are you a CPA, Enrolled Agent, bookkeeper, or accounting professional looking for ways to improve your practice? Many people perceive accounting professionals primarily as administrators putting numbers in boxes. The Tax Master Network empowers you to showcase your true potential by elevating your role — and escaping the box! We equip you with the tools, training, knowledge, and network of skilled resources to successfully deliver comprehensive strategic tax services to your clients and become a true tax advisor.

A Network That “Works” for You

As a member, you never have to go it alone. We’ve cultivated an extensive network of partners to assist with every step of the tax planning process. You’ll have access to turn-key solutions specializing in legal, accounting, tax, and financial services. This saves you valuable time and empowers you to be the well-connected professional your client expects – while getting them the results they want.

Grow Your Practice

If you’re not a natural “rainmaker,” we provide programs to put a trained salesperson at your disposal and also provide you with access to a variety of valuable marketing solutions. That way you can focus on what you do best while other experts assist you with accelerating the growth of your practice.

Training & Community

We realize advanced tax planning is a new challenge for many members. That’s why we’ve packed the network full of training and support tools to get you up to speed quickly and confidently. And because we’re truly a “network” we curate an extensive group of proven service providers to work with you. You’ll always have someone to assist you with any part of the tax planning and implementation process.

Membership Levels

We understand that some members want to dip their toe in the water while others are ready to dive into the deep end. Our programs let you choose which commitment is right for you and starts at only $99 per month.

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