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Here’s How to Be More Than “Just Another Tax Pro”

It’s sad, but it’s true – your clients have no idea what you different from your competition. With 665,000 CPAs, 50,000 EAs, and thousands more unenrolled preparers across the country, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. How can you show people why they should hire you instead of anybody else?

Most tax professionals do a perfectly good job telling clients how much they owe. But high-value clients want more. They want you to show them you can help them pay less. If you can deliver what those clients want – not just what they need – you’ll be way ahead of everyone else chasing their business.

Selling Tax Strategies is your step-by-step guide to building your business around something clients really want: tax savings! You’ll learn how to use tax savings to identify and attract clients who are ready to commit to doing business now. You’ll discover how to build a value-based brand that emphasizes relationships over transactions. You’ll see how to use specific tax-planning challenges to quantify and communicate the unique value you bring to your clients.

Are you tired of chasing prospects with “me too” products and services they can get from everyone else? Do you want an easy-to-sell solution that gives them a compelling reason to do business with you and you alone? Selling Tax Strategies is a quick and easy read that gives you the answers to transform your business!

I have taken your advice so much that tomorrow . . . Tax Day . . . I have NOTHING on my calendar and I am going fishing! But I have made a healthy six figures in tax planning this year. This is cool stuff!
Dusty Rollins
DeLand, FL


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