Ever wonder what your fellow TaxCoach members are up to during tax season? Winning, that’s what! Here are some success stories from yesterday’s Member Call-In to inspire you for future seasons to come:

“More income less returns!”

“I am finding that now is a great time to get client testimonials for my website while my relieving their pain is still fresh in their mind.”

“Success story:  $96.15 avg. per hour on 1040 work – a new record.  Avg. cost of labor <$25 on 1040s.”

“Dual success story – More income – took tax savings into account in some billings… also used Gruntworx for data input and organization and increased productivity 200%.”

“I am a BNI member and my daughter is a BNI member (with a traditional preparer in her chapter).  I recently got a referral from a member in her chapter because they recognize me as a “tax strategist” not a preparer!”

“My admin team really rocked it this season! They were so great at protecting me and allowing me to have large chunks of ‘closed door’ DND time so I could stay focused on tax work. That was the biggest difference between this season and prior seasons. Great gatekeepers make all the difference in the world!”

“Wacky client:  every year asks ‘Why are you making more than 30 adjusting entries to my books just to file a tax return??’  Our answer “there’s a reason it’s not called AccurateBooks.”

“We had an IRS agent in our office about 3 weeks ago. While there we got in our office a scam call telling us it was the IRS calling and the police were coming to arrest us if we didn’t get 10,000 in cash. We almost gave the call to the IRS agent but said it would be too stupid.”

“I did a tax reform seminar 2 hours (back and forth) from my office on April 10th during the height of tax season. I did not think I could pull it off but it was a success with 120 in attendance and 5 tax plans scheduled…”

“We sent a client packing the first week of April. She only files about every 3 to 4 years and she decided this was the year to file, all at once.  And she kind of forgot to tell her new husband about her filing track record. They were insisting we handle it ASAP so we returned her documents and wished them well with their new marriage. They couldn’t believe we were refusing to do their work, yet I’m so glad to not see them on the extension list anymore.”

“Had a client for years who continues to send in her docs via cell phone pics on 04/10 & then calls every day to find out if I’m done and then asks if they can pay half now and the rest when the refund comes in.  That’s probably gonna be my last PITA client…I’ve gotten rid of the rest and improved my client prospects and have gotten the nerve to raise my fees EVERY year since joining Tax Coach!”

There you have it. If that’s not how your tax season looked, spend more time with us and we guarantee you’ll be happier come April 15 16 17 18!

Disclaimer: This blog was previously published at TaxCoachSystem.com. Tax Coach has become Tax Master Network. We didn't want our amazing clients, readers and interested tax friends to miss any of our archived content so please forgive any broken links or various referenced to Tax Coach options. update

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