For the first time in 12 years, we’re using this space to present an obituary:


TaxCoach Software



TaxCoach Software passed away on August 1, 2018, but was immediately replaced by the Tax Master Network®. TaxCoach was born on January 1, 2005, to Edward A. Lyon and Keith VandeStadt of Cincinnati, Ohio.


TaxCoach offered CPAs, EAs, and financial services professionals a new and unique way to grow their businesses and distinguish themselves from their competitors. The key was giving clients what they really wanted — savings! Most tax professionals did a perfectly good job telling clients how much they owed. But until TaxCoach came along, very few of them went on to tell those clients how to pay less. TaxCoach gave those professionals a tool for filling that gap with plain-English plans they could sell to generate lucrative, year-round planning engagements.


TaxCoach eventually attracted over 3,000 members and spawned a lively national community, with professionals gathering online and at regional and national meetings to exchange ideas and successes. But the system, which at its heart consisted of a tool plus elaborate multimedia instructions for using it, suffered from a chronic degenerative condition called “implementation-itis.” Too many members found it difficult to sell the new services, or balked at learning how to use the online software.


Ultimately, TaxCoach’s owners chose to put the system down (humanely, of course) in order to focus attention on TaxCoach’s successor, the Tax Master Network®. The new system replaces TaxCoach’s “do it yourself” model with “done-for-you” and “done-with-you” alternatives to actually implement the promise of lower client taxes.

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