There are certain times of year when you just don’t expect people to be available. Take Santa Claus, for example. The week before Christmas, he’s busy. Don’t expect him to return your calls or emails.

For most of us, this is that time of year. But even the busiest tax season can be full of success stories. So here are some comments from the last few Wednesday Marketing and Management Calls. Remember, success stories are never off-topic!

Some of the stories involve easing the burden of this busy season. Here’s what Diane Gardner had to tell us on March 29:

“I just wanted to report that I’ve only taken 6 tax appointments this tax season. My clients were asked to drop off their information and have complied without any complaints. We are running a couple of staff members short but this is one of the best tax seasons we have EVER had. In addition to doing away with appointments, we also raised our rates by 25% for this tax season. At our Oct event I was very worried about how this tax season would go. What a relief!”

Diane was back again this week to wrap up her season with a nice bright bow:

“Success story – I only have 12 more tax returns to do and 10 more that are missing some information. I plan to be done by end of day Friday. This has never been done before in my company! We’ve accomplished this with a very small staff and have been shorthanded.”

Some of our members are pleased to see new planning clients coming through the door. Here’s one from Tate Ensign:

“Success story – We have a new tax plan customer (firefighter with side business) dropping off their underlying materials tomorrow afternoon. The surprising part to me was they actually requested a monthly plan arrangement for year-round service before I could bring it up. They were an attendee at a prior speaking engagement from last May.”

Tate’s comment rolls up a bunch of successes in three short sentences: a client coming in the door for planning, a business owner who appears to appreciate the value of a relationship rather than just a transaction, and someone who attended a seminar nearly a year ago who appears to have been nurtured over time into finally picking up the phone and calling.

And some members just want to put a little more money in their pockets. Like Daniel Greene, from Temecula:


(In case you’re curious, Daniel cited “audit protection” and “raising fees” as the prime sources of that $500,000 bump. I’ve left hiss quote in all caps because I think it deserves them!)

You may not be looking to put an extra $500,000 in your pocket. You may just be looking for ways to make your tax season easier, or shift from low-margin 1040 clients to higher-margin business owners.

Whatever you’re looking for in your business, TaxCoach can probably help. You just need to use it and put it to work. So finish those final returns, clean off your desk, and get started!

Disclaimer: This blog was previously published at Tax Coach has become Tax Master Network. We didn't want our amazing clients, readers and interested tax friends to miss any of our archived content so please forgive any broken links or various referenced to Tax Coach options. update

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